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Attract new patients and give existing ones the best online version of your community pharmacy - complete with health information, services and leading pharmacy products.

Pharmacy Ecommerce Solution

What if you could make more sales, build better connections with your patients and become the go-to for health services in your community?

And what if it was affordable and as quick and easy as checking your emails? It sounds like a pipe-dream – but you might be surprised at how achievable it really is.

It all starts with a really good website – and we’re just the people to help you out with that.

Storbie gives you the head start you need to start selling, connecting and succeeding online. You don’t need big business resources to have a world-class presence online.

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Everything you need, nothing you don't

Connects you with your patients even when they can't reach you physically. Ecommerce functionality and SEO optimisation is built in helping you appear higher in Google search results and serve your patients from wherever they are.

Integrates with your POS system, including Toniq and RxOne to seamlessly update pricing and inventory levels in near to real time. Show up in product searches and direct people to your store - both online and offline.

Includes up-to-date product information from our Storbie Supplier Network. Sync your available SKUs with our supplier managed product database to populate your online store and have descriptions and photos updated for you.

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Make sure your pharmacy is visible online when your patients are looking for you.

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Create meaningful and valuable interactions between you and your patients online.

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Take your online presence to the next level and boost your digital performance.

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Choose the platform that is trusted by the industry

Storbie is endorsed by the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand and has been recognised as the leading ecommerce platform for kiwi pharmacies.

Partner with an organisation that knows your business and your industry as well as you do. Big, small, dispensary, natural health - whatever your focus is, we get it.

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Supplier of the year at the New Zealand Pharmacy Awards 2018 and endorsed by the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand

“The increase in sales that we’ve seen has been fantastic. I am continually impressed by how easy the website is to use, and the POS and suppliers sync will make things even more so. Storbie really is ahead of the curve and all about ensuring online stores are painless for pharmacies”

Androulla Kotrotsos, Life Pharmacy Kilbirnie

Storbie Payments Integrations

Personalised site setup

Our team will get you started on the right track with our tailored setup service. Get your brand, layout and sitemap just how you want them from day one.

Responsive Design

Be the "Pharmacy Near Me"

All Storbie sites are mobile friendly right out of the box. You can connect with your patients whether they're at work, home or on–the–go.

Analytics Integrations

Understand how your site is doing

Get headline performance data right on the Storbie platform or dig deeper with Google Analytics.

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Promotions, products, pricing:

Storbie integrates with the major POS systems in the pharmacy industry.

Your website should be a part of your overall strategy. That's why we go the extra mile to work with your existing systems, not against them.

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