Our Values

Storbie champions independent businesses by providing a connected and easy to use platform for selling online. We are determined to empower community enterprise through ecommerce.

Equally we work to encourage our own staff to feel comfortable, involved, and valued, utilising the skills they have, and helping each other to learn and grow together.

About us
The launch of Smallfish

Our team

People are at their best when they can live and express themselves as authentically as possible.

Respect and openness to the unique attributes of individuals, their different lifestyles and personal circumstances, leads to a more interesting, rounded, happy and dynamic team.

Productive togetherness is built through the cultivation of a respectful culture that accommodates flexible working hours, locations and individual needs.

Storbie Ecommerce: Be Different Together

Our business

We are champions of independent business owners.

Our customers are diverse and spread far and wide, and our platform and community enables us to problem solve, innovate and share knowledge in a collective way allowing them to share success.

We are not afraid of failure and we do not shy away from a challenge. We are always learning.

Storbie Ecommerce: Be Different Together

Our network

As a close-knit team supporting a widespread community of users, striking the balance between independence and unity is core to our philosophy, and something that transcends business goals.

We believe in being different together.