What is Storbie?

Storbie is an easy to use, fully-featured online shop builder for independent retailers. We are growing a network of shops, marketplaces and supplier networks that are intrinsically connected yet all unique.

With Storbie you can be different together.

Storbie Ecommerce: Be Different Together
Every Storbie ecommerce shop runs on the same centralised system

The same...

Every Storbie shop runs on the same shared centralised system. Shops are customised using configurable settings rather than set templates, themes or skins that are expensive to customise.

Our system is being constantly progressed by leading edge ecommerce expertise and customer feedback to keep shops at the forefront of ecommerce.

As a result, all shops seamlessly update and evolve as the product incrementally adapts. Our shops are anything but static and always up to speed. When Google placed a higher mobile search ranking on mobile friendly websites we were one step ahead and none of our shops had to lift a finger to step up.

Storbie shop owners can tailor their shop to meet specific needs. No programming knowledge or technical expertise is required.

... But different

With configurable settings, shop owners can tailor their shop to meet specific needs. No programming knowledge or technical expertise is required.

Shop owners can easily distinguish their shop from others with their uploaded content and branding. You don’t need 100s of galleries of templates to choose from to forge a unique online identity. Pre-designed skins quickly outdate and pose technical limitations when the internet evolves.

You can also use your own URL and take control of your own marketing. You can be as autonomous as you like.

Create a market with Storbie

Marketplaces and shop clusters

There are some big advantages to also being part of our ecosystem.

Shops and products can be clustered together by anyone or any group that recognises a commercial opportunity in collectively. Shops belonging to a specific region or retail destination can band together to create the virtual equivalent of a mall or retail precinct. Yet unlike a traditional online marketplace, shops don’t lose control of their identity and customers still purchase through the individual shop checkout.

Stay connected and thrive with Storbie ecommerce

Stay connected and thrive

The shared Storbie system facilitates fluid connections within the supply chain. Our unified user login combined with our rich pool of data allows us to facilitate meaningful connections between Storbie members that link sellers to buyers within and beyond the network. We connect sellers with their supplier's catalogues so that shops can be set up very quickly, stocked with products across multiple wholesalers.

Ecommerce is a competitive game with a vast playing field. Much like the physical world you are more likely to flourish and thrive if you are well connected. Our product is all about connectivity. Being connected to an intelligent adaptable system. Being connected within the ecommerce supply chain. Being connected to a community. We like to think of it as ‘tribal ecommerce’. Power to the individual through the power of collective force.